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Mount combinations with your best photos, make corrections and fashion frames ready to print! Free Software

Photoscape is a versatile program for you to work with images of various shapes, including the roles of various graphics software into a single file of about 15 MB to download.


To give you an idea of ​​what the PhotoScape is able, know that it gathers editing tools individually or en masse, screen capture, visualization, combination, printing, converting, and even creating GIF animations, organized in a practical and focused meet all kinds of users.

His tools are uncomplicated and ideal for quick, requiring no complex procedures in any section of the program. So if you want to organize your photos with ease and make them ready to print or save a special form on the computer, PhotoScape is a soft option and you can enjoy free.



If you just want to see the photos you took with your digital camera or check out all the pictures that had been keeping for some time on the computer, the program presents a special section for this purpose.

From lists of thumbnails, gives you complete information about each image and can still view them in full screen or as a slideshow. And from that same section, you can also apply simple effects to images, like rotate, flip or change brightness.

Individual Editions

While not providing professional issues with refinements, PhotoScape has basic tools and very useful for those who just want to make some adjustments and corrections to your own photos. So if you want to grow old, crop, resize or remove red eye from images, the tools are perfect PhotoScape.



To give a special touch to your pictures, take advantage of the various models for edges and add special elements to the scenes and may include ready-made shapes (balloons, prints, hearts, cartoons etc..) or export figures and other icons of your choice.

Batch Editions

This feature allows you to edit multiple images simultaneously and with one click. So if you have several pictures taken at the same time and have some adjustments that can be done in common, this function you need only set the parameters and change all at once, saving time and avoiding repetitive actions.


The tool page allows you to assemble your photos within a page, according to dozens of ready-made layouts. Perfect resource for those who want to print collections of images in a different way, applying diagramming as if preparing for a professional job.


You could even set the background color, the margin measurements and dimensions of the assembly to save everything as a single image at the end.


Combining pictures, you attach multiple images into a single file, as if sticking to one another. That way, you have multiple images side by side, one beneath the other or as a framework, linking images to be displayed at once and with great practicality.




Despite widespread opinion, the print function of the program is much more complete than you’re used to and allows you to print your photos with much more control and precision. Usually you can just define settings such as paper type, print quality and page orientation, whereas with PhotoScape you control how many pictures are printed on the same sheet, their alignments, gamma and quality (DPI).

GIF animations

With this tool, you animate your photos to create beautiful slideshows with transition effects. To make the animations, you need only choose a few photos, set the duration and then add the effects. At the end of the settings, you can also check as was the result of its creation in the browser window before you save the animation definitely.



Photos Splitter

With this tool you can share one or more pictures in smaller sizes, so, simply select the number of rows and columns you want. Done it is necessary to define where you want to save the clippings of photos.


Here you can rename several files at once, ideal for when you took several pictures in one day and want to identify them among several other photos. For example, you can rename a sequence of pictures “DSC000001″, “DSC000002″, etc.., for “Ana’s Birthday – 2009 – 001 “, and so on.

Other options

Besides the options already mentioned, the Photoscape enables you to take screenshots of a window, a region bounded or the whole screen. The program also offers the ability to drag the eyedropper to select the best colors, defining what is used in specific locations.

Photoscape can be used to convert “raw” (photos taken by some cameras have this format) to “jpg”, enabling thus that your pictures are seen in image viewers simpler.



How to use?

When the program starts, it displays a complete overview containing all the tools available, identified with different icons. So, after clicking on any of the pictures, you now see only the options of that function and can work with much more objectivity and convenience.

Any time you can return to the main program with just one click, and choose other sections right through the tabs which remain available on top of the window.

Many languages


Now you can change the language on PhotoScape by clicking on the Languages​​, at the bottom of the menu area. A list of all languages ​​available on your computer will be displayed, but if the language you want does not appear, do not despair.


Install a new language in PhotoScape is very easy. Just access this page on the developer’s website and choose your desired language. To facilitate the process, click the right mouse button over the link and choose Save Target As, and point to the directory X: Program Files PhotoScape (where X is the drive on your local disk) and voila! When you start PhotoScape option should already be available – but the program needs to reboot once more to load the translation.


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Size: 16 Mb


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